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by Arthur J. Michaels

Commissioned by the Lycoming College Concert Band, directed by Dr. William S. Ciabattari, Seophonic Rhapsody features two contrasting sections. The first section, a Grade 3, flows expressively and smoothly, beginning quietly and gradually building in intensity. The second section, a Grade 4, incorporates melodic elements of the first section in a contrasting robust, rhythmic and staccato style. Climaxing to an exciting finish!

The title for Seophonic Rhapsody comes from the old English word “seofon” (“seven”), referencing the 7/4 time signature in the first section and the 7/8 time signature in the second section. Seofon is spelled differently to incorporate the word phonic (sound).


Seophonic Rhapsody is a medium-level piece for wind ensemble with a duration of about 4:40.

LEVEL IV - Medium

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Score & Parts

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