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Professional Development Course

Evaluating the Band &
Setting Goals for Band Directors

Instructor: Aaron Noë

This Course offers a Step-By-Step plan to effectively evaluate your band program and create Long-Term, Yearly, & Weekly Goals to drive your band to the Next Level!

This Professional Development Course includes:

  • Over 90 minutes of Video Instruction

  • Resources to effectively guide you through:

    • Evaluating the current band program today

    • Envisioning how the band will be in 5 years

    • Developing a plan to accomplish your vision

  • 7 Worksheets to guide you :​

    • Target Your Growth Areas​

    • Develop Long-Term Goals

    • Develop Yearly Goals

    • Develop Weekly Goals

    • Stay Focused Building Your Band!

The course broken into 5 Sections:

  1. Introduction

  2. Evaluating the Band, part 1: Resources

  3. Evaluating the Band, part 2: The First 2 Weeks

  4. Goal Setting, part 1: Long-Term Goals

  5. Goal Setting, part 2: Step-by-Step Approach

Upon completion of the course, Directors will receive a certificate for 3 Hours of Professional Development from Aamano Music &

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Goals Worksheets.png

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