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Alan Gregory

Alan Gregory is a native of Osborne, KS and a graduate of Fort Hays State University (KS). Early in his career, he taught band in Kansas. But that was before meeting Leslie, the love of his life and the woman who would become his wife.  After getting married, the couple moved to Austin, Texas where Leslie would study at seminary and eventually become ordained as an Episcopal Priest.  Alan taught at secondary schools in Texas (including a small 6-man football high school near Lubbock) eventually retiring from teaching in Crane, TX.


While teaching in Crane, Alan often used vintage original-print marches, despite having no scores and having to use tiny parts with lots of printing errors. Today he is passionate about revising and updating the classic music of the early 20th Century using the instrumentation of the modern wind ensemble.

Compositions with Aamano Music

National Emblem (March)
Rifle Rangers (March *COMING SOON*
Triumphant Battalions (March) 
Wreaths of Victory (March)
Zouaves (March)
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