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The Fifth String 

A Fictional Novella (Revised Edition)
by John Philip Sousa

Originally published in 1902, The Fifth String by John Philip Sousa, is a fictional story of love, passion for music, and a deal with the Devil. 

The story follows the character of Angelo Diotti, a troubled violin virtuoso battling the inner struggle of a musician trying to make his mark on the musical world. Upon his arrival to the United States, he meets the beautiful  Mildred Wallace, daughter of an affluent New York Banker.


The attraction is immediate but Diotti is struggling with the weight of a premier performance. As the story unfolds, Diotti is presented with a proposal from Mephistopheles himself promising everything his heart desires with "no strings attached." 


However, we all know that a deal with the Devil is not a simple transaction and often costs everything.

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$6.95 PDF Download

$9.95 Paperback Edition

$21.95 Hardback Edition

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