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by Arthur J. Michaels

Quintapade is an exciting new composition by Arthur J. Michaels. Following a 5-measure introduction, the listener hears a sentimental, legato melody that flows lyrically through the first section. Then the listener is whisked away on a rhythmic “escapade” as the piece bursts into a rousing, more staccato soundscape that incorporates the original melody from the first section. The piece then takes the listener to a spirited climax as it concludes the “quintapade” (an escapade in 5!).

Quintapade is mostly in 5/4 time with accessible ranges and rhythms for developing bands. It’s a great way to introduce younger bands to odd-meter music. The guiro part in the second section, the piece’s overall chord structure, catchy syncopation, and its memorable theme add an irresistible Western flavor that’s fun to play.
Quintapade is sure to be a popular work for students and a delight for audiences!


LEVEL III - Medium

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Score & Parts

Quintapade: An Odd-meter Escapade for Concert Band - Arthur J. Michaels
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