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Chords, Scale Studies, Technical Exercises, & Arrangements

for Wind Band

Mastering the Scales is designed to supplement your Band Curriculum.  Each Tonal Center includes four sections to develop student awareness in each major scale center through the combination of unison and full-band exercises:

  • Chords (I – vi  – ii – V7 – I)

    • designed to develop the student’s awareness of intonation, tone and balance while playing in the different tonal centers. 

  • Three Scale Exercises

    • begins with a single octave major scale, followed by an arpeggiated figure, concluding with a series of step-wise patterns designed to develop flexibility and confidence.

  • Four Technical Exercises

    • includes alternating thirds and broken (arpeggiated) chords following a standard I-IV-V7-I Chord Progressions​

  • Short Band Arrangement 

    • Aaron Noë has arranged or transcribed a short full-band composition of simple songs for each Tonal Center. These 12- to 16-measure arrangements develop ensemble skills in the various tonal centers.  

Mastering the Scales - COVER 2nd Edition.png


  • Full Score 

  • Conductor's Reduced Score

  • Individual PDFs of Scores & Parts

  • Recommended Teaching Tips

  • Distribution License for your band

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