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by Jesse Ayers

Concert Band Series

GRADE 3.5 - Medium

Private Eye Prowl by Jesse Ayers
A fun piece for musicians and audience alike.  6 minutes. 

Commissioned by the Indiana Bandmasters Association for the 2014 Indiana Junior All-State Band. This piece employs syncopated “swing” patterns common in big band charts, but is carefully constructed to recycle those syncopations in repeating snippets/phrases within the same section of the band , so that students only need learn a few patterns to successfully perform the music. Ranges are Grade III appropriate. For high school/college bands there is an optional Trumpet 1A part that is higher,  playing around G5, with an occasional Ab5.  Beginning with the Allegro tempo at rehearsal letter H, the piece is in an arch form (1st section = last section, 2nd section = next-to-last section, etc. ), so that the amount of material to rehearse is cut nearly in half, but without the repetitions being so obvious to the listener. Actual rehearsal letter match-ups of the arch form are H=P, I=O, J=N, K=M, with the percussion section soli dividing the arch in half at L.


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