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by Brandon Nelson

Symphonic Band Series

GRADE 4 - Medium Advanced

From the composer about this piece:

Knowing that this piece was going to be performed by young students, I wanted to give them the opportunity to share in the creative process of writing this piece. I had Mr. Ryan Addair (the conductor of the group which commissioned the piece) ask each student in his band class to come up with one word describing the experience of growing up in the 21st century. I chose several representative examples from the list and depicted those thoughts in music.

Each of the movements is based on the essential rhythmic gestures of the traditional Baroque dance suite. I have used contemporary harmonies and other compositional methods to give fresh perspective to these forms. It is my hope that this suite will have special meaning to those performing it. I endeavored to create a salient connection with both past and present while looking towards the future…

Brandon Nelson, Composer


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