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by Craig Thomas Naylor

LEVEL  IV - Medium Advanced

This lovely song was composed in memory of my dog Pearl, who was about as close to being human as a critter can be and still have four legs and fur. We had to put her to sleep recently – a cancer caught up with her at twelve and a half years. We feel happy that we were able to have the vet come up to our mountain home in Montana, where she lay in her favorite spot, and gently take away the pain - a pain that only that morning had taken the sparkle in her eyes and her incredible joy for life.

I learned a lot from Pearl. I learned about gentleness from her. I never saw her react in anger to anything. When I was angry she would come up and look at me with “chill-out, dude” in her eyes. It (almost) always made me catch myself. When I was working too hard and losing my joy for life, she would come up to me in my studio, look at me, then look at the door and wag her tail. If I dallied, she’d give a soft, insistent bark and I would take a break and we would go
for a walk or play a little. She made me laugh.

~ Craig Thomas Naylor

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