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by Arthur J. Michaels

In “Horseshoe Curve,” as a westbound passenger train enters the Curve, a rider’s imagination takes him to the Curve’s construction during the early 1850s. Amid the rhythmic clicking of train wheels he hears the metalwork clanking and the horse driver’s whip. He imagines the struggle of both the men and the pack animals as they labor, day after day, year after year, to hand-build this engineering feat. The train then leaves the Curve, having conquered the Allegheny Mountains on its westbound journey. The piece ends contemplatively with the passenger’s offering a thoughtful sigh, reflecting on Horseshoe Curve and its construction.

Even though “Horseshoe Curve” is a Grade 3, its sophistication and complexity make it accessible by more experienced bands. “Horseshoe Curve” fits any concert venue, and players and audiences alike will enjoy it.

LEVEL III - Medium

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