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Band Director's Guide 

to Everything Trombone

A Collection of Interviews with the Experts

by Andrew Hitz
Marching Band Camp Activities by Aaron Noe

What better way to improve your teaching than through interviews with the world’s foremost players and teachers on a variety of topics specifically tailored towards your needs as a band director?


The “Band Director’s Guide” Series from Hitz Publications gives even the most knowledgeable band director a deeper understanding of how best to teach the instruments in their band.

This book is a follow up to 2011’s acclaimed “A Band Director’s Guide to Everything Tuba: A Collection of Interviews with the Experts” and features interviews with some of the finest trombonists and trombone teachers in the world. Interviews include:

  • Joe Alessi on Common Mistakes and Slide Technique

  • Ralph Sauer on Trombone Basics and Breathing

  • John Rojak on All Things Bass Trombone and Chamber Music

  • Michael Davis on Jazz, Chamber Music and Literature

  • Harry Watters on Teaching Improvisation

  • Pat Sheridan on Breathing and Anatomy

  • Lance LaDuke on Switching from Euphonium

  • Steve Dillon on Trombones and Accessories

  • Andy Bove on Recording Equipment and Techniques for Any Budget

  • Greg Biba on Trombone Repair

  • Chip De Stefano on a Trombone Playing Band Director’s Observations on Teaching Trombone

Andrew Hitz is an internationally renowned soloist, clinician and speaker having appeared in over 40 states and 30 countries including Japan, Brazil, Russia and Singapore. In 2014 . Andrew has also appeared with the National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound and as a soloist with the Marine Band of Mexico.



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